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Using proper SEO techniques, your website can reach Google’s first page, which in turn will give you loads of benefits. People seem to find companies included on the first page of search results more credible than the rest of its competitors. Apparently, we all want to deal with a company we can trust. This is the reason why those who are among Google’s first page tend to enjoy the perks of it – incessant web traffic, perceived dependability, popularity, and very high conversions. Don’t you aim for the same things?

  • Personalized Consultation

This is something that makes my client spread the word about my SEO service. When a potential client reaches out to me, we talk about business right away. I take time to know him and the type of business that he has. This is because I believe that having first-hand information about a client’s business and personal background is essential before we can move any further.

Part of my consultation includes a thorough analysis of your website. I run a meticulous website check and get back to you within 24-72 business hours about my findings. This gives me an overview of your website’s SEO requirements, making me understand the unique needs of your business better.

  • Open Line of Communication

Hearing what you have to say if also part of my customer service commitment. I value your opinion so rest assured that your thoughts and ideas are always welcome. From there, I either check if can come up with solutions that will fit your requirements or politely decline your suggestions while explaining the downsides of it. When I do the latter, I always make sure that I have handy alternatives. Keep in mind, my end goal is to rank your website on first page and let you enjoy awesome and unswerving results, so each step I take is done for the best.

  • Niche Exclusivity

I will never work against myself. Besides appearing foolish in doing so, this is also my way of showing utmost respect to my clients. Since my forte is providing high-quality local SEO, I will not, in any way, entertain any of your local competitors once I have decided to work with you. This is to ensure that you will be the sole beneficiary of my SEO strategies in your locality.

  • Reporting

I have invested on systems that will make my work more organized not only for my own benefits but for my clients’ as well. Having said this, I will give you access to a dashboard where you can see the progress of our SEO efforts any time, any day. This way, even if we have huge gaps in our time zones, you can easily check where we are heading to. This also eliminates the need for us to follow-up on each other from time to time. Rest assured though that all your clarifications and inquiries regarding our progress will be responded to accordingly.

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