Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the packages. Please read them to learn more about the specifics for each package.

How do I know which package is suitable for me?

Picking the right package is a difficult thing to do – it can depend on a lot of factors including niche competition, your budget, and how fast you want to see results. If in doubt, you can always start with a lower package and move up once you see results. However, if you want to get a professional opinion on which package is suitable, I am more than happy to provide a recommendation.

It says “Up to” in the descriptions for each optimization. What does this mean?

The reason “up-to” x amount is specified in the optimizations section is because SEO is a process. I will have to carry out different quantities of individual optimizations over time, all carrying different weights. Should I decide to carry out less optimizations than originally proposed, I will always inform you in the monthly report.

What are “On-Page optimizations”?

On-page optimizations are changes that I make on your website to improve the SEO of your site. This can include changing the title of your homepage, adding or changing some words of a piece of content to create relevance, adding a blog post to your site and creating links between relevant pages. These are just a few of the many possible optimizations I may carry out during on-page optimizations.

What are “Off-Page optimizations”?

Off-page optimizations are tasks that I perform on other websites to help with your website’s SEO. These tasks can include creating listings for your business on directory websites, publishing guest posts to relevant authoritative blogs, and more. Both on-page and off-page optimizations are required to help your website compete.

Can I change what is in a package? Or suggest specific optimizations?

These packages have been put together because they provide results at a reasonable price. If you’d like to setup specific customized packages, that is no problem at all. But, I would also have to customize the price (it may end up cheaper or more expensive). If you’d like to discuss these options, please let me know.

How do I know my SEO campaign is working?

At first, it can be difficult to visualise the benefits of a successful SEO campaign, but with the help of comprehensive reports, you will quickly understand the benefits. The main goal of every campaign that I work on is to achieve the desired results that generate more revenue for my clients. Ultimately, I’ve found this is what results in long-lasting business relationships that are mutually beneficial.

What are ranking reports?

Ranking reports are a great way to see the detailed progress of your campaigns. It is important to remember that SEO campaigns take time to take effect. During the first month, it can seem daunting that first-page rankings have not yet been achieved. This is why I communicate the progress made from day-one of the campaign. As your website rises in the ranking, you will progressively see more search traffic visiting the site.

What are work reports?

While I don’t report all of the individual actions of the work I carry out in monthly work reports (to maintain my methods’ proprietary) I do report the majority of it. You can see the majority of work I have performed on your site, as well as the off-page actions taken in the monthly report.

What are traffic reports?

I will compare the traffic you’re getting from search engines from previous months and see if there’s an increase. If there’s a higher amount of people coming from the keywords that are being targeted, the website is ranking at a good position for the desired keywords and is gaining targeted traffic.

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