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Using ethical SEO strategies, your website can reach Google’s first page, which in turn will give you huge amount of website visitors. People seem to find SEOs included on the first page of search results more credible than the rest of its competitors. Apparently, we all want to deal with an SEO we can trust. This is the reason why those who are among Google’s first page tend to enjoy the perks of it – incessant web traffic, perceived dependability, popularity, and very high conversions. Don’t you aim for the same things?

I understand the value of your time and money so I give you what you deserve.

Personalized Consultation

Part of my consultation includes a thorough analysis of your website. I run a meticulous website check and this gives me an overview of your website’s SEO requirements, making me understand better the unique needs of your business.

Open Line of Communication

I value your opinion so rest assured that your ideas are always welcome. I check if it will fit your requirements with extreme focus to the end goal which is to rank your website on top of Google’s first page. Keep in mind that each step I take is done for the best.

Guaranteed Niche Exclusivity

Since my forte is providing high-quality local SEO, I will not, in any way, entertain any of your local competitors once I have decided to work with you. This is to ensure that you will be the sole beneficiary of my SEO strategies in your locality.


Stop guessing how well our SEO efforts are doing. Upon the start of the contract, you’re going to receive access to a dashboard where we can see the keyword ranking progress any time, any day. Got questions? Get in touch any time.

First Page Rankings

Give your business the presence it deserves by securing the top spot on Google’s first page. My SEO strategies help your website dominate your competition. Secure more website visitors, more leads and sales!


Search engine algorithm is constantly changing, hence no matter how expert one in the field, he still needs consistent search engine trends update. Feel safe as your website optimization will be handled by an expert who remain in the loop when it comes to industry standard practices.


I’ve had the privilege of working with several SEO companies and individuals, both domestic and international. All have paled in comparison to Christian Ontog. Christian’s results speak for themselves. Within a few months he had us on page one of Google across a host of important keywords, with traffic that generated sales! He’s simply the best…

Henry HowellOwner of Alkaline Water Wave

Christian is a targeting expert. If you need to know what the right steps to take in growing your business and get more traffic to your website. He’s constantly on the cutting edge of ways to grow your business online and get more clients coming through the door. If you would like to take your business to the next level, don’t hesitate to leverage his experience and skill set.

Joe NilsenCEO at Digital Checkmate

Christian is one of the best SEO’s I know and I’m a lucky guy to have ever crossed his path. His results are stellar and his clients are beyond satisfied with him. Better call him soon before he stops taking in new clients!

Jonathan StrongFounder at Big League Consulting

Choosing an SEO expert for your business is not an easy choice. I have been both pleased and impressed with the quality of work that Christian and his team deliver. Choosing him will pay off for your business.

Kerry BushOwner of Xlnt Marketing Group

Oklahoma City SEO

Premium Quality SEO will help your business succeed.

SEO experts are capable of putting businesses on the spot on search engine results and increasing their rank in the competition. Many business owners know this too well and if you’re looking for that SEO expert who will help you, then that means you also know this too well. With my help, you will be able to reach the first page of Google for the keywords that your customers are using when searching for you, your company and your services.

Here are some things about my Oklahoma City SEO assistance:

Because of my desire to help businesses reach their dreams of overcoming other competitors and getting the spotlight in their industry, I created this specific page for providing SEO in Oklahoma City. With the help of topnotch SEO techniques and measures, I can help not only large scale businesses and small businesses to gain popularity and reach the top of the competition.

In the SEO industry, not all SEO service providers and companies will give you the same quality of service you need and deserve. There will be those who will promise you a lot of things which includes having your business be on the number one spot on major and other search engine results but in the end, they will give you low quality services in exchange for your hard-earned money. With my ethical Oklahoma City SEO methods, you will only receive premium quality SEO services.

Your best interest will always be my top priority

If you choose me as your Oklahoma City SEO expert, I can assure you that I will take note of your business’ goals together with what you want to achieve with the help of my SEO services. I believe that the thoughts and ideas of my clients matter which is why I will make sure to have time for you and me to have an open discussion for us to voice out our insights and make a firm SEO plan. With this, we will be able to build a smooth relationship which would be a great help to your business’ standing.

Now, here’s how I can help your business:

  • Increase your income

You might think that SEO only helps increase your business’ audience but it can actually increase your revenue. With the help of SEO, you’ll surely get more inquiries about your services from those who want to pay for it.

  • Gain more customers

You don’t have to worry about other marketing strategies to have more people notice your product. Simply with the help of legitimate SEO methods, you’ll get more customers to your website.

  • Increase your exposure

Not only will I help you reach the first page of search engine results, I will also help you to have your business dominate the entire first page of Google’s search results.

  • Receive back office access

Not only will I provide you honest results once our campaign starts, I will also give you access to my back office tool for you to check your ranking in real time 24/7 in case you are curious about your business’ standing.

  • Get monthly reports

I will give you monthly reports regarding the status of our SEO campaign and also tell you your rankings on the search engine results. I guarantee that you will receive honest results.

  • Ingenuity

Even though I have years of experience and undergone a number of intensive SEO training, I believe that it is still best to be updated about SEO methods and practices. This way, I can make sure that I am using the latest techniques and tools in order to help in boosting my clients’ businesses.

  • Renewable contract

You won’t have to worry about having to stay with me. It might happen that you’ve already fulfilled your SEO dream in less than the time you expect it to be done. This is why I make sure that you are free to renew or make changes to our contract on a monthly basis.

  • I go beyond

I will explain to you the whole SEO process and all the other stuff you wish to know about it. I will not keep anything to you and will ensure you that I will only tell you real results and not frauds simply to satisfy you. I maintain professionalism despite having a smooth relationship with my clients.

You shouldn’t sit still and let your competitors take away your customers.

Don’t let your business stay at its current level. Using my up-to-date Oklahoma City SEO strategies, I will help you take it to greater heights. Like I said before, not all SEO service providers and companies will give you the service which you rightfully deserve. Don’t let yourself fall into their trap by believing in their empty words for nothing.

I will not look into the size or status of your company or business. I believe that businesses should get the equal opportunity to be brought into the spotlight and shine. I will help you take your business to a whole new level and help you achieve your envisioned SEO goals. A lot of businesses from different locations around the world have already benefitted from SEO. I hope you won’t dismiss this opportunity and just let your competitors take away your customers.

Don’t just trust your business in the hands of those who are incapable of providing you with the services you deserve. Unless you want your business to go down the last pages of search engine results, you shouldn’t just give in to other SEO service providers.

Raise your business to new levels and make it successful. I already gave you what I can do for you, so the choice now depends on you.

Never let your business lose to your competitors again. Start leveling the playing field and amassing maximum ROI today!

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